About Turnaround

Forecasting alternative outcomes.

In turbulent times, it makes sense to plan for alternative outcomes. Business strategies are rarely realised exactly as planned.

Contingency planning offers confidence to all stakeholders – the board, investors and lenders.

Planning forces a business to consider potentially disastrous situations and to identify business critical factors, such as key members of staff, changing market share, uncertain modelling assumptions.

Conversely, it can also be used to maximise the potential of different positive scenarios, such as the response to a new product launch or rapid company growth.

In both cases, having alternative scenarios in a plan allows businesses to pre-empt and to respond quickly to significant business change, rather than reactively trying to react to an unforeseen outcome.

At Integra, our contingency planning is comprehensive, including company restructuring with or without formal insolvency proceedings. We can assist with capital raising for both debt and equity financing, if the scenarios call for it. We also assist accelerated mergers or disposals to maximise an exit strategy in the event of a divestiture scenario. Alternatively, Integra can roadmap a measured, managed plan to winding-down a business or division.

Above all, our approach is bespoke and tailored to specific circumstances and challenges: every contingency plan is tailored to individual companies, financial circumstances and stakeholder expectations.

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